Itchy Scratchy!!

Is Your Pet Licking, Scratching, or Head Shaking??

Call before the end of April!!

Uh oh.... An Itchy and Scratchy Spring for Pets!

At South Shore Vet Care, we are being swarmed with pets who scratch and bite themselves. Scratch, lick, chew, shake the head. Does this sound like your loved pet?

This behavior is not normal, and is uncomfortable for everyone! Itchy scratchy pets commonly have invisible microbes growing in their skin. In fact, we are seeing more MRSA.  MRSA is a resistant form of staph bacteria that attacks your pet's skin.

Also this spring we are finding tons of skin mites, fungal infections, fleas and ticks. Fleas carry tapeworms, which can infect human family members! Itching and scratching is never good.... 

Don't worry- we can help! 

So let's Spring into Action with our special Itchy Scratchy Campaign Gift Pack. For your Itchy pets we are offering the following for a limited time: 

*$18.00 OFF Professional exam and consult for itchy pets

*FREE Nail Trim 

*FREE dose of Flea/Tick control (Advantix/Revolution)

*All total: A $63.00 Value! 

More than one pet? No worries! Schedule them as well. They get their own Itchy Scratchy Gift Pack.

Contact us today (click here) to schedule your Itchy Scratchy Examination today!

*Gift pack cannot be split into separate discounts. Cannot be combined with existing discounts.* Offer expires 4/30/12.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Love the care here at South Shore Vet, whole staff is amazing!! I bring both my small dogs in for regular care, but twice now they've sprung into action and saved my Keko in emergency situations. We love you guys! ���"
    Kathrine L.
  • "My favourite place to bring my pets! Doctor Dressler takes amazing care of my cat and dog. He has so much knowledge to treat them in various ways to get them up and running again. His staff is so kind and always ready to support in terms of emergency! I highly recommend them all! The drive from Paia to Kihei is well worth it! Thank you for being such a great team and supporting Snoogle and Sparky in such a wonderful way , including us , as their pet family!"
    Manuela C.