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Welcome to South Shore Veterinary Care!  How may we serve you?

If you are one of our important regular clients, welcome back.  If you are new to our veterinary practice, we can't wait to see you here in beautiful Kihei! 

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For those wondering about what makes South Shore different from the veterinary clinics on the island of Maui, we'll get you up to speed in just a second. Meanwhile, since you are here...what can this website offer you? 

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Now, what is South Shore Veterinary Care about? What can I expect?

For New Veterinary Clients

"We love South Shore! They recognize that pets are members of our families and, as a result, they don't just take care of our dog - they take care of us, too. They always make time to answer any questions we have. They're wonderful about follow-up - particularly after any procedure or treatment - and the team is incredibly compassionate and caring. Perhaps most important, we feel 100% confident in the quality of care that South Shore provides. They clearly stay up to speed on current developments in veterinary medicine and we know that we're in good hands."

The Burke Family (Kihei, HI)

Once upon a time, an idea was born to become the best veterinary hospital on the island.  We realized that to have happy pets and people, we had to be the best. So, it we adopted a mission: provide the BEST FOR PETS.  Here's how-

The 10 Traits of the Top Veterinary Practice

1.  The Veterinarians are very experienced (more than 20 years of real experience in the trenches and all have established their own practices. No newbies here!). 

2.  Special courtesies for Seniors!  Senior Discount Thursday and every other day too!

"My Hoosker was just seen today at South Shore Veterinary Care.  I feel that they handled him very well.  We had an excellent experience.  What I liked most about our visit is knowing that my pet is well cared for and for George letting me know about the Senior discounts!" 

Shelly Young (Kihei, HI)  

3.  Focus is placed on making sure that the root of your pet's health problems is properly addressed.  This way you can enjoy your pet's healthier disease-free life, instead of just applying "band-aid" type treatments.

"Jack was just seen today, and was handled excellently.  I really felt good about our experience and trusted what the doctor was telling me.  I liked the thoroughness of the orthopedic exam (not a rush to do surgery like another doctor wanted to do), and really trusted Dr. Dressler's recommendations on Jack's injured leg."

  John Simmons (Kihei, HI)

5.  We offer the original Immediate Release Pet Rabies Quarantine Liaison service.  We were the first practice to do this and can make it stress free to bring your pet to the state! We help you with everything you need for travel in (or return with your pet to Maui, Hawaii) without pet quarantine time! 

6.  The treatment plans presented to you are the most current.  The Doctors meet regularly to review the most cutting edge therapies available, and the whole support staff is trained every single week!  This insures that each of your questions will be answered fully, and your pet's age and breed unique health needs will be addressed.

7.  Attention is given to areas that will extend your pets life in the long term, not only today.  Diet, supplements, and overall well-being are important to boost overall vitality and health too! These are now recognized as important parts of current health and treatment plans.

"They always handle my pets with wonderful professionalism and care. They explore every aspect of my pets' health."

Kinnie Hanson (Kihei, HI)

8.  Care is given to AVOID over-vaccination.  (Published data now shows vets have done this and that it carries real negative health impact.)   Side effects should never be ignored.

9.  The life quality of our patients is critical.  The most current pain control is always delivered. All of our anesthetized patients get IV fluids for faster recovery and health. The safest treatments and medications are used. Monitoring during procedures is similar to what are used in human operating rooms.

10.  Last but not least, we give you the best care, our valued clients! Our Doctors and Staff are trained continually to give you the best.  You are the lifeblood of our practice.  Without you, we wouldn't exist.

"We feel that South Shore Vet Care is the most efficient, cost effective and competent office we have been to. Everyone is very knowledgeable and you get the correct answer no matter to whom you talk.


Nikki and Molly Murawski (Kihei, HI)

So call us today.  We are looking forward to seeing you and your loved pets at our practice!

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Love the care here at South Shore Vet, whole staff is amazing!! I bring both my small dogs in for regular care, but twice now they've sprung into action and saved my Keko in emergency situations. We love you guys! ���"
    Kathrine L.
  • "My favourite place to bring my pets! Doctor Dressler takes amazing care of my cat and dog. He has so much knowledge to treat them in various ways to get them up and running again. His staff is so kind and always ready to support in terms of emergency! I highly recommend them all! The drive from Paia to Kihei is well worth it! Thank you for being such a great team and supporting Snoogle and Sparky in such a wonderful way , including us , as their pet family!"
    Manuela C.