Your Little Lion: The Cat Comeback!

Have Cats have been forgotten?

New research shows that cats have received far less care than dogs over the last several years, up to a 40% drop!

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 Do we have something against cats? Do we love our little lions less than dogs? 220px_Girl_and_cat.jpg

This has not always been the case. A grave was found in ancient Cyprus dating from 7500 BC, where a pile of shells as well as a tiny kitty grave was found next to the person. This human sure loved cats.

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped due to their grace and poise. Taking a cat's life was a crime punishable by death. These little lions were treated as sacred since they could kill venomous snakes like the cobra. The Egyptians even worshiped the god Bast, who was a cat and stood for motherhood.  If you would like your little lion to be treated this well, contact us at 874-3422 and ask about our Comeback Cat special


In sophisticated China, cats were pampered with cat beds and special kitty food fish that were sold during the Song Dynasty around 1000 AD. The ancient Greek Plutarch linked cats with cleanliness, and the Romans considered cats sacred.

The Japanese have Maneki Neko, the good luck cat statue who waves at customers to bring good fortune to businesses. This symbol started when a cat beckoned to a Japanese overlord, who moved towards the kitty and away from the spot where lightening struck moments later. 


In the UK, black cats were considered lucky, and a sailors wife should have one when he was off to sea to bring him home.

What happened to the cat? Why are we not taking as good care of our cats?  (Call us if you would like to get your Comeback Cat special!)

This may have started hundreds of years ago, just before the Black Plague in Europe. Pope Innocent VIII in 1484, during the Inquisition, commanded the death of thousands of cats by connecting them to witchcraft. In reality, this was strategic move from Innocent VIII.


The German states at the time worshiped the cat goddess Freya as a sign of fertility. Connecting cats with witchcraft helped this extremist Catholicism expand.

It may have caused the Black Plague epidemic as cats killed the rats that spread the Plague. This was worsened when superstition increased and more cats were executed.300px_Smallpox01.jpg

Even today, our little lions do not receive the treatment they deserve. But, there is good news.

Cats are being valued again! And for good reason…

There are over 41 breeds of cats (and the breeds often have different colors as well!)

220px_Chocolate_Persian.jpgHaving a cat can help with blood pressure, and helps with depression and anxiety. It has been shown that cats provide the cure for loneliness for AIDs victims in the USA. Cats in the home of children decrease their risk of allergies later in life. Cats even reduce the risk of heart attacks for people! 6a010534da2fec970c010535bb22a2970c_800wi.jpgMaybe that's why John Lennon was a cat lover!

Cats have a large vocabulary as anyone with a little lion knows. They do not like sweets as cats have no ability to taste sweetness. They like to stay up at night as well as daytime and are not restricted to our rhythm cycles. They can see 600% as well as humans at night. They have remarkable hearing, and can hear higher pitch sounds than dogs and people, in part due to the shape of their ear flaps. Their whiskers are able to detect air cushions around objects so they can move around without light. Cats are known for their cleanliness.

 Would you like to participate in the Cat Comeback for your little lion?  Redeem your special Cat Cash gift certificate and give our very friendly staff a call today at 874-3422.  If you know that you have not brought your special companion for a medical check up in the last 12 months, allow us to reserve a spot for your precious pet.

Cats are known to hide internal health issues until they are very advanced, so please do not wait until a CATastrophe!  :) Click here for contact information.

Celebrate your little lion!



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