We love South Shore! They recognize that pets are members of our families and, as a result, they don't just take care of our dog - they take care of us, too. They always make time to answer any questions we have. They're wonderful about follow-up particularly after any procedure or treatment - and the team is incredibly compassionate and caring. Perhaps most important, we feel 100% confident in the quality of care that South Shore provides.  They clearly stay up to speed on current developments in veterinary medicine and we know that we're in good hands.

The Burke Family
Kihei, HI

Auli'i and Ke' Ola are doing great.  We love South Shore Veterinary Care. They kept my dog alive and saved my puppy! What I like most about my recent visit was the advice and knowledge I received from the doctor and the staff.

Ariel Cohen
Kihei, HI

Our Red Baron is doing fabulous after his visit at South Shore Veterinary Care.  They handled his care extremely well.  We had a very pleasant experience during our visits.  What I most enjoyed about my recent visit is how much everyone at South Shore loves Red Baron.

B. Cobey
Kihei, HI

"Peepas" is doing so much better since I brought her in to South Shore Veterinary Care.  She is so much happier.  South Shore handled her so wonderfully and made me feel my little girl was safe!  I was very scared but please with the help you gave her, her mouth is doing so much better.  Dr. Kim is wonderful too, she was so sweet with "Peepas" and held her to show she cared, I could tell "Peepas" liked that.

Bene Cambra
Kihei, HI

When Rufus first came in he had to be carried into South Shore, he had a massive infection in his leg. He is now eating well, playful and his tail is wagging again for the first time in ten days.  He's sleeping on his back with all for paws straight up in the air, like he used to.  It's wonderful to see him back to his normal self again.  At each visit I had a different Doctor, yet everyone treated him with such care and new exactly what was going on, never missing a step.  I felt very comfortable that every staff member, from Doctor to nurse to receptionist was on the same level of professionalism.  Oh, the joy of having my Rufus back.

Beverly MacDonald
Kihei, HI

I feel South Shore Veterinary Care handled our dog, Dr. Jones, very well.  We were very satisfied in our experience.  We really liked thoroughness of the exam and the understanding and compassion the staff showed us and our Dr. Jones.

Candace S.
Kihei, HI

Skully is doing great and is happy and healthy.  We got Skully at 7 mo. old, he was lucky to be alive!  Thanks to South Shore he is worm and parasite free with a beautiful coat of hair.  He had hookworms, fleas, ticks, and skin infections.  Even though Skully has fear/aggression issues, South Shore staff is extremely kind and affectionate handling him with love and affection, I'm grateful for the coupon from Sit Means Sit which has been a saving grace in both our duties in caring for him but also in Skully's skills and personality.  I love that Skully is greeted with aloha.  They have a room ready and he gets the VIP treatment that he deserves.  The service was a positive experience for both of us.

Cara Powell
Pukalani, HI

Raleigh is such a special kitty and a real beam of sunshine.  Despite his health conditions, he is a really happy, wonderful cat.  South Shore Veterinary Care has been my vet throughout Raleigh's care and I couldn't ask for a better veterinary hospital to take him to.  My experience through all of this has been excellent.  The doctors have taken the time to get to know Raleigh and the support staff is just fantastic.  Needless to say, I'm a big fan.  During Raleigh's recent visit, and all his visits, I really liked that the waiting room is calm and organized (and the staff is so courteous!)  It makes what can be a stressful situation not so stressful.

Carrie Hautamaki
Kihei, HI

Keyda is doing better. The doctor and staff are fantastic. They are very informative and they have great customer service.  We are new to the island and this is the first vet we have seen. We are very pleased.

Chris Mobley
Kihei, HI

Chewy is doing great.  As an older dog, both myself and my husband are very careful and apprehensive about Chewy's health and Veterinarian.  I am always impressed with how great the staff is and especially Dr. Kim, who is so sweet and sympathetic, yet effective.  Our experience is exceptional, Dr. Kim loves animals and it shows!  She is so patient and always makes an effort to make me and Chewy feel comfortable.

Christine Arabatzis
Kihei, HI

Daisy and Belle are doing well now that they have the proper care from South Shore Veterinary Care.  I had a very good visit with Dr. Dressler and his staff.  They were considerate of my temporary financial situation, they were patient with me.  Both of my dogs got the care they needed.  My experience was not as stressful as it could have been.  I liked that I got the proper care for my dogs, which makes me feel good.

Cindy Knowles
Wailuku, HI

Our Blue is doing very well after his exam at South Shore Veterinary Care.  We are very satisfied with Blue's care during his last visit, everything went very smoothly.  We appreciated that all procedures and care were explained very clearly.

The Ward Family
Kihei, HI

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my Phoebe and Kiki.  South Shore has the best Doctors and staff.  My experience was fantastic!  I wouldn't go anywhere else.  I really liked the loving Doctors and friendly staff.

Davilla Riddle
Kihei, HI

Our two dogs, Max and Lily are happy and healthy due to the great care they receive from the staff at South Shore.  We feel all the staff are genuine animal lovers and truly care about the welfare of our animals.  Our Dolly, who died of cancer in November, was expertly and compassionately cared for by Dr. Dressler.  The bottom line is we trust the professionals at South Shore and know we get the best care there.

Diane and Al Mattson,
Kihei, HI

 Chuck and Roxy are both thriving!  Thirteen year old Chuck has been Dr. Dressler's patient since the practice opened.  He was a frequent "guest" at the "boarding house" as I traveled once each month.  It was home away from home for him.  He ran to his "friends" when I dropped him off.  We called South Shore "Club Pet!"  All my pets have been lovingly handled at South Shore.  My old cockatiel spent many "boarding" nights with the staff.  My sweet cat Inana also experienced care, love and compassion...especially as Dr. Dressler eased her to her death after a debilitating stroke.  I have only experienced the utmost concern, compassion, communication of veterinary info, and experience at South Shore.  I absolutely trust Dr. Dressler and his staff with Chuck and Roxy.  My newest pet, Roxy, was just spayed.  Her surgical recovery has been amazingly rapid and without pain or complications.  The post-surgical instructions were clear and thorough.  The laser surgery is indispensable.

Elaine Blasi
Kihei, HI

Cella is a very healthy one year old Cavalier thanks to all of the staff at South Shore Veterinary Care.  Cella is always extremely well taken care of here.  All of the staff and doctors keep me very informed of all they do.  Our experience was wonderful, as always.  We are family and treated as such.  Everyone cares for Cella as well as Laka, Darby and Kapala is if they were their own.

Eva Tantillo
Kihei, HI

South Shore treated our Koa with care and interest, they listened to every concern I had.  We liked that we could see Dr. Bumpus   again, who looked after Koa at our previous vet clinic.

The Nash Family
Kihei, HI

I brought Maui in for a dental procedure, he is doing progressively well at his post dental exam.  Maui was handled in an excellent manner; my experience in all of this exceeded my expectations.  What I really liked most about our visit to South Shore was the consultation.

Gaman Ibrahim
Kihei, HI

Viggo and Sweet Pea are doing fine now. Fantastic would be the word to describe how the Doctor and staff handled my pets. They were very considerate of my cat's feelings.  My experience at South Shore was positive and educational.  The thing I like the most was the thorough explanations of everything and the education I receive regarding maintaining the wellness of my feline family members.

Gerri Debeer
Kihei, HI.

I feel that South Shore Veterinary Care handled our Rambo with great care.  We had a great experience and the Doctors and staff were very informative.

The Ferguson Family
Kihei, HI

My Sam is doing great.  The doctor patched my bird's wing up and he's now happy and healthy.  The staff here was very gentle and understanding with Sam.  They were careful with not only his care but his feelings as well.  I felt that the staff was excellent in answering all my questions.  I am very satisfied.  The thing I liked most about my visit was the informative caring staff.

Jacob M.
Wailuku, HI

My Aku is doing great!  I feel South Shore handled Aku with care, he's afraid of dogs and they helped him avoid big dogs in the lobby.  Our experience was great they took really good care of him.  The excellent service, the doctors and the staff were what I liked most about the visit.  They really listened to what I had to say, I was impressed.

Jerri Otto
Kihei, HI

Jasmine has a re-occurring allergy to fleas; right now she is having an episode.  South Shore always handles us and the situation with great care and sincerity.  Jazzy is my baby-when she suffers, we all suffer- South Shore's reassurance, advice, patience, and sincere attention continuously-before, during and after care- creates a wonderful experience.  What really made things easy is that I called for medications without a visit and was handled promptly and without question.

Jill Sears
Kihei, HI

Margret and Koa are doing great after their annual visit to South Shore Veterinary Care.  The staff handled our dogs with such care and compassion, our Margret needs a little more TLC than most dogs.  We had such a wonderful experience, Dr. Bumpus was very informative about what would be done at their annual exams, and the technician was very helpful.  We really liked the friendliness of the staff, and that the atmosphere was very professional.

The Bohn Family
Haiku, HI

Jack was just seen today, and was handled excellently.  I really felt good about our experience and trusted what the doctor was telling me.  I liked the thoroughness of the orthopedic exam (not a rush to do surgery like another doctor wanted to do), and really trusted Dr. Dressler's recommendations on Jack's injured leg.

John Simmons

Kihei, HI

My dog, Isabella, came in for her regular check up.  South Shore handled her very well, and I left satisfied in my experience.  I was appreciative the way Dr. Dressler explained all that was needed for our appointment.

Judy Schmidt

Kihei, HI

My Mahina is doing great after her last visit, her care and handling was excellent.  You guys kept her calm.  My experience was great.  The people here know her make her and I feel comfortable.  It's a small clinic and everyone knows her here.  What I liked most about our visit was how calm Mahina was around the doctor and staff.  Everyone is so nice.

Julia Cameron

Kihei, HI

Ellie is doing beautifully.  If I were the owner of South Shore Vet, I would have come away from the entire experience - as unfortunate and traumatic as it was for both the dog and me- confident in the staff and facility that had my name on it.  Everyone is always sensitive and excellent in their care.  My experience was wonderful because Ellie survived, thankfully!  But because each one of the staff members I dealt with treated me with such respect and compassion, I felt very grateful for them.  Everyone had genuine concern for Ellie's welfare (physically) and psychological issues.  She was severely abused by her previous owners during her first 11 weeks of life and still carries those emotional scars with her daily.  George even gets on the floor at her level and whispers, reassures and hugs her.

Julie Raine

Kihei, HI

Cosmo and Loki are doing great.  Cosmo's Lupus symptoms are pretty much under control.  Our dogs are always treated and handled well and with respect.  When treating Cosmo for Discoid Lupus, everyone is always willing to work with us and what is best for our dogs and our family.  Our experience was excellent.  Everyone knows us and our dogs and is always really friendly.  This last visit was no different; we're always given the best treatment for both dogs.

Terawaki Family

Kihei, HI

Jewel is doing great since her last visit.  South Shore handles Jewel so wonderfully, like a member of the family.  Our experience was amazing, we were very worried for Jewel when we first came in, South Shore was very reassuring.  Dr. Dressler is beyond qualified and Dr. Kim was very professional and kind.  I like that they called the next day to see how Jewel was doing after her surgery.  We were given and explanation of her diagnosis which helped to ease our minds and to stop the worrying.

Karen Souza

Kihei, HI

Everyone was very informative and helpful with my new puppy, "Keko."  I really appreciated everything.  I am a new pet owner and need some help in everything puppy.

Kat Lindeman

Kihei, HI

Maile is doing very good after her visit.  The staff at South Shore handled her very gently, with care and compassion.  My experience was great, they always give good explanations about everything, and they are very patient.

Kim Evans

Kihei, HI

My dog "Jill" is good now, after her visit at South Shore.  I feel they handled her well.  Dr. Dressler was very friendly.  Christine was very helpful, especially about dental information.

Kimmie Hall

Kihei, HI

I brought all my pets in to South Shore Veterinary Care for their annual exams so they can stay happy and healthy.  They always handle my pets with wonderful professionalism and care. They explore every aspect of my pets' health.  I have confidence that my "kids" are always getting the best of care.  I love that South Shore always calls me after our appointments to check on my pet's condition.  South Shore is friendly; their front desk is efficient and thorough and I always receive professional care in the exam rooms.

Kinee Hanson

Kihei, HI

Sadie Marie loves it here at South Shore Vet Care.  I do too.  I am more than please with the way they handled my Sadie. My experience here was great. Everyone was so helpful and very patient in instructing me how to give Sadie her allergy shots.

Linda Durham

Kihei, HI

Our pets are doing great!  I feel that South Shore handled my unruly cat, Bob, gently, professionally and with patience.  We had a great experience.  I appreciate how everyone here is willing to spend time explaining and simplifying things I don't understand. 

Liz Morrison

Kihei, HI

Maximus is doing well. He had an excellent visit at South Shore.  We had a great experience, the doctors and staff are very nice.  I have been to other vets on the island and I am very impressed with South Shore Vet Care.  The doctor and staff took really good care of me and Maximus.

Lorrie Betsill

Lahaina, HI

Keoki looks great after his surgery at South Shore.  The staff is very nice and professional; they made Keoki very comfortable and made us feel very comfortable too.  We were kept at ease and was explained everything so we understood all that was going on.  The level of detail Dr. Dressler uses to explain everything was the highlight of our visit.

The Curriers

Pukalani, HI

Punkin is doing good, going on 7 months old now and very playful.  He is teething- so he seems to like getting his teeth brushed daily.  South Shore Veterinary Care handled our Punkin's care very well...seeing as I didn't know much about cats before my visit.  The prices are very attractive especially the "package deal."  The staff was very informative and I was very pleased with Dr. Dressler's professionalism and calm manner.  He listens well and answers all your questions in full.....Punkin seems to like it at South Shore too!

Nancy Akahi

Kihei, HI 

Daisy is feeling much better now that her ears are cleaned and she got a thorough check up.  I feel she is well taken care of.  I feel that Daisy was handled with great care by both doctors she's seen.  Our experience was great, very professional throughout even to the follow up phone call.  I liked that she received a very thorough exam and they gave and explanation of her treatment. 

The Fontaine's

Kihei, HI

Sheba, Buster and Thunder are all doing OK!  They did very well. Terese gave me hints to calm them down. My experience was great. Really appreciate the "Free Stuff" and I was excited to help out the new employee Kellie, she was very nice.

Patty Holbrook

Kihei, HI

Our experience with South Shore has always been a pleasant one.  With adopting an abused dog in bad shape, taking on a handicapped dog with three feet as well as weight issues, tooth decay and removal and a variety of other health issues we have had to deal with, we have never doubted the ability of Damien Dressler.  When we had Maui, our blue and gold McCaw, Damien was always able to deal with him delicately even though the bird was able to be very destructive.  We would call Damien, Dr. Doolittle because he could relate so well with Maui.  Now, Maui is living his life out at the parrot sanctuary in Haiku along with many other beautiful birds in a lovely park like setting.  We still have the dogs and will continue to have them treated at South Shore.  Thanks for helping us out with them!

Paula and Kendall Parker

Kihei, HI

Charlie is doing excellent.  South Shore treated him like he was their own, they are very caring, and we were very satisfied on how they handled him.  Our experience was very good.  We liked that everyone was kind and endearing, they were all very knowledgeable.

Pearl Medeiros

Kihei, HI

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Staff of South Shore Veterinary Care.  I have been using their services for many years now for my pets.  I took my cat there for many years and always received the BEST care for my cat.  Each time I went there I felt the love and caring that they had for my pet.  For many years I enjoyed the company of my cat (Too-Doos) and the peace of mind that I knew my cat was in good health and well cared for.

Unfortunately the time came when I had to say goodbye to my cat.  Amazingly, the staff took care of not only my cat in her last days, helping my cat to end her life in a peaceful and dignified manner; they also took care of me.  It was very difficult for me to let go and to accept what was happening.  The staff at South Shore Veterinary Care were there for me as well every step of the way.  They understand the relationship that people have with the pets.

The last few months have been very rough for me and lonely too.  Recently I rescued a dog as a companion and I have to say the staff at South Shore Veterinary have been very supporting and genuinely happy for me.  When I first brought my new friend (Merlin) in they immediately helped me with advice with my new pet.  They pointed out what was needed to be checked out and how we would go about it and why.

At first Merlin had a few issues that needed attention; immediately they addressed all the issues.  Before I left that very first day I had a plan of action and a lot more knowledge about my new friend's health.  It has been a few weeks now and Merlin is doing just GREAT!  I recommend South Shore Veterinary Care for anyone who really wants the best for the pet (best friend).  Not to mention the peace of mind of knowing your pet is well cared for and in good health.

Thank You ALL AGAIN for ALL that you have done for me and my pets.  I will never forget … and I will tell anyone who asks about you all.

Ralph Porcell

Kihei, HI

Maxx and Sayrah are doing great after their visit to South Shore.  During Sayrah's dental and Maxx's handscaling, South Shore handled their care with little to no worries from me.  Dr. Kim's professionalism helped me go from nervous to calmness; she is wonderful.  One of the many excellent things that stood out was I was given an alternative to dentistry which was to handscale Maxx's teeth without putting him under anesthesia.  My Sayrah can be difficult but Dr. Kim and the staff handled her with love and much needed patience.

Maxx & Sayrah's Mom

Kihei, HI

"Dong," "Monki," and "Sing" are doing great after their visit today.  I feel that my guinea pigs were handled very well.  We were very pleased with our experience at South Shore.  I really liked the expertise of all the employees. 

Reid Fukushima

Kahului, HI

Our Maddie is doing great and wearing her T-shirt and blue donut after her big surgery with Dr. Dressler.   She's recovering nicely, very happy and full of energy.   We felt that Dr. Dressler helped us make a decision for Maddie that he would have made for his own dog.  The staff is caring, helpful, and answered all of our questions thoroughly.  We felt as though we were never pressured into anything and each decision was always ours.  We also felt well informed and knew exactly what we were getting into, from surgery prep to the 2-week recovery period.  The overall experience, from start to finish, was fantastic.  The calls before and after Maddie's surgery were caring and helpful.  We really enjoy the text messages we receive for appointments, and appreciate that we are reminded to purchase flea/tick prevention and heart guard at check out.  We feel that South Shore Vet Care is the most efficient, cost effective and competent office we have been to. Everyone is very knowledgeable and you get the correct answer no matter to which you talk.

Nikki Russell and Molly Murawski

Kihei, HI

Pugsly is doing great. He has always been well cared for at South Shore Veterinary Care.  I appreciate the follow up call the day after the appointment.  Of the five different vet offices I've taken Pugsly to over the past eleven plus years, this is my favorite. It is friendly and most welcoming. South Shore Veterinary Care provides unsurpassed care. 

Shasta Rose

Kihei, HI

My "Hoosker" was just seen today at South Shore Veterinary Care.  I feel that they handled him very well.  We had an excellent experience.  What I liked most about our visit is, knowing that my pet is well cared for and for George letting me know about the Senior discounts! 

Shelly Young

Kihei, HI 

Holly is doing great after her yearly visit.  South Shore is very caring and informative about her preventative care and concerns about her skin.  Our experience was excellent.  We are very appreciative of the care and love given to my best friend.  I like that the Doctors always give Holly a thorough exam and explain instructions on how to clean her ears, and that we always receive excellent receptionist care.

Skipper Smith

Kihei, HI

Petey is fine, doing well. I feel wonderful about how the Doctor and staff handled Petey.  Everyone is kind and professional. They take the time to comfort him to reduce his anxiety and I really appreciate that!

Stephanie Nelson

Kihei, HI

Buddy is doing great after his visit to South Shore Veterinary Care. I felt very comfortable with the excellent care he received. What I like the most is the emphasis placed on preventative care. The staff is very caring, a great help.

Terry Coykendall   

Kihei, HI

I have been to 3 other vets on the island before I settled on Dr. Dressler of South Shore Veterinary Care.  His staff has always been knowledgeable and helpful.  I particularly like Dr. Dressler's think-outside-of-the-box approach and his no-nonsense attitude.  For nine years he has taken good care of my rottie (now 13 years old).  I am taking my new rottie pup to this clinic too.

Debye L.

Kihei, HI

Sophie has made a remarkable recovery after being attacked by 2 pitbulls, thanks to the care of Dr. Dressler and his staff.  South Shore handled her care immaculately and amazingly, they not only treated Sophie with kindness and care but me as well.  For such a terrible experience I felt very assured she was going to be taken cared of, Dr. Dressler kept me informed at every stage.  Sophie's doing great, considering she could have died.  I appreciated the follow up on Sophie and me.

        Lauren Bertine-Parry

        Kihei, HI

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the quality of service
and care I received today at South Shore Veterinary Clinic.  Every one was exceptionally attentive to not only our dogs, but to me as well. I found Dr. Kerr to be very thorough in her work, both in regard to our dogs, but also in regard to making sure I understood what she was doing, what the options were, what the costs were and her willingness to be available for phone consultation if we had any questions. Your office team and assistants are very professional and courteous, and I found you clinic to be clean and professional.
It has been a long time since I have had a customer service experience as I had today, and I wanted to say thank you……

Best Regards

Chuck, Lisa, Ipo and Koa Burke!

Koa                                                  Ipo 

Maile is doing great after her visit at South Shore Vet Care.  I feel South Shore handled her very well, they're always nice to my baby.  I had an excellent experience, it was a really warm and friendly environment, a nice place to take your pet.  They even had refreshments for my children and water for my dog.  You guys are the best.

Vivian Inouye

Wailuku, HI

Nugget is doing much better now, South Shore handled him very well.  Our experience was really good, I have been to 3 other vets on the island and I like this one the best.  Everyone is so nice, from the Front Staff to the Doctors.  Terese helped me though out the visit.  I really liked the treatment plan given to me ahead of time, I could understand all the charges.

Diana Tevaga
Lahaina, HI

Eazy is dong great after his visit at South Shore.  He's very happy, he came out with his tail wagging.  I feel that South Shore was very nurturing on handling him, they were very king and loving with him.  The staff was very helpful and answered all my questions.  I enjoyed everything about my visit at South Shore.  I really liked the option to get text message reminders and updates, that really helps simplify my life.

Kinsey Bergantino

Pukalani, HI

Leilani enjoyed the entire staff at South Shore, she gave them all kisses.  They were very professional and handled her with kindness and gentleness, they treated her like royalty.  Our experience was very good.  What we really liked was the information and guidance.

Kimo Burleigh

Kihei, HI

Our Lady is doing much better now thanks to South Shore.  She was very scratchy and uncomfortable before here treatment.  We both had a very positive experience.  Dr. Dressler is so good to Lady.

Louise Lagbas

Lahaina, HI

Tika is doing great.  South Shore handled her with the best of care.  Our experience was really good.  Dr. Dressler is an outstanding surgeon, even the vets around our new home in the bay area were impressed with the surgery he preformed.  Other vets just wanted to remove Tika's leg, but Dr. Dressler took the  time to listen to what I thought was a better  option.  Tika is running around on all for legs!  He saved her life and limb, he is the best.

Paige Rogers
Bay Area, CA

Billy Boy is doing fantastic!  Because of Dr. Dressler, Billy Boy has been given some more time with a great future quality of life.  After his surgery he healed beautifully and is now playing like a puppy.  I have been treated so well as a pet owner.  Everyone at South Shore understands what it means to love your pet as family.  As always the whole staff is friendly and compassionate.

Nancy Winston
Lahaina, HI

I was so happy with your staff and Dr. Kim was so thorough.  What Dr. Kim found in 1 visit other vets found in 3 or 4.  Thank you.

Anne Marie
Kihei, HI


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  • "Love the care here at South Shore Vet, whole staff is amazing!! I bring both my small dogs in for regular care, but twice now they've sprung into action and saved my Keko in emergency situations. We love you guys! ���"
    Kathrine L.
  • "My favourite place to bring my pets! Doctor Dressler takes amazing care of my cat and dog. He has so much knowledge to treat them in various ways to get them up and running again. His staff is so kind and always ready to support in terms of emergency! I highly recommend them all! The drive from Paia to Kihei is well worth it! Thank you for being such a great team and supporting Snoogle and Sparky in such a wonderful way , including us , as their pet family!"
    Manuela C.