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cocker1.png South Shore Veterinary Care would like to take this opportunity to welcome you, your family, and your special family member to our website.  As you continue to browse and explore, it is our hope that you will learn more about our dedication to your family and the quality veterinary medicine and service we provide.

South Shore Veterinary Care is a different veterinary practice.  Our goals are to make sure you enjoy the longest, happiest time together with your pet, and we do everything possible to make sure this happens for you. But what is different about that?

"...The doctor and staff are fantastic. They are very informative and they have great customer service.  We are new to the island and this is the first vet we have seen. We are very pleased."

                        Chris Mobley
                        Kihei, HI

The difference is this: we are exceptionally comprehensive. In other words, we use a "wide-angle lens" to look at each facet of your pet's well being, and your well being too, as a pet owner and guardian.

Each detail is examined and addressed. This means that both you and your pet receive exceptionally high quality care and service. In short, we provide THE BEST FOR PETS.  We truly are your "pet wellness specialists!"

It is very important to us that your experience at our practice is nothing short of excellent.  To provide this level of care, we put attention on these details concerning the needs of both you and your special family member.

We help you by providing you with all the information you need to make this happen. We listen to you. We give your pet that little extra reassurance and a soothing touch to make sure it happens for your loved family member too!

And we always want and highly value your communication! Without you, we would not exist.  You are very important to us!  We always keep an open line of communication with you.  This way we can always provide you with world class service.

"Jewel is doing great since her last visit.  South Shore handles Jewel so wonderfully, like a member of the family.  Our experience was amazing, we were very worried for Jewel when we first came in, South Shore was very reassuring.  Dr. Dressler is is beyond qualified and Dr. Kim was very professional and kind.  I like that they called the next day to see how Jewel was doing after her surgery.  We were given and explanation of her diagnosis which helped to ease our minds and to stop the worrying."

               Karen Souza
                    Kihei, HI

You want the best for your loved pet, right?  To receive the best, we offer the best.  This is the basis for compassionate care.  Each health topic is addressed and discussed with you, so your pet receives the highest quality veterinary treatments and enjoys the best life (both now and in the future)!

We practice truly comprehensive veterinary care, all the way from cutting edge clinical medicine and surgery, to providing healthy supplementation and body condition that can help increase your pet's life quality and vigor... even to helping build self confidence in your special family member.

We offer all of the usual things that every pet clinic does, like vaccinations, dental care, senior care and so on.  However, we have laser surgery, acupucture, immunotherapy for allergy treatment, and more.  There is no practice on Maui that offers our array of services.

"My newest pet, Roxy, was just spayed.  Her surgical recovery has been amazingly rapid and with out pain or complications.  The post-surgical instructions were clear and thorough.  The laser surgery is indispensable."

Elaine Blasi
Kihei, HI

We use what works. 

But that is not all.  You are a very important part of this equation.  We recognize that sometimes a trip in to a medical and surgical practice may not be as nice as, say, a trip to the beach or watching a movie.  For this reason we make it our mission to provide you with world class service, so all of your questions are answered and so you can feel at ease knowing everything will be taken care of.

How do we accomplish these goals?  The answer is simple.  Like any highly skilled team of professionals, we train. We train often and we train regularly, whether to keep abreast of current medical and surgical trends, or to find new ways we can improve your experience at  South Shore Veterinary Care. 

Our doctors and staff always strive to meet or exceed our number one goal: to be the BEST FOR PETS.

We are very friendly, and we welcome you to our practice today!  Call us at (808) 874-3422.  Drop by for a tour.  Send us an e mail (the link is below). We are excited to meet you and your loved pet here in Kihei!  And we want you to be so delighted you will create your own "Petsimonial"!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Love the care here at South Shore Vet, whole staff is amazing!! I bring both my small dogs in for regular care, but twice now they've sprung into action and saved my Keko in emergency situations. We love you guys! ���"
    Kathrine L.
  • "My favourite place to bring my pets! Doctor Dressler takes amazing care of my cat and dog. He has so much knowledge to treat them in various ways to get them up and running again. His staff is so kind and always ready to support in terms of emergency! I highly recommend them all! The drive from Paia to Kihei is well worth it! Thank you for being such a great team and supporting Snoogle and Sparky in such a wonderful way , including us , as their pet family!"
    Manuela C.